Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Recent Photos

Here are some recent picts - we had a warm spell a few weekends ago and it has been very very dry. It's still pretty dry but turned cold again. Hopefully this weekend will bring warmer weather again!

The temperature dropped and the hats came out again...
The grass is garlic and onions - in the front are the peas - purple podded ones at that!

Lavender and chocolate mint - dug in two really old asparagus crowns bought from Lidl last October..dug in some manure and watered well...we'll see if they're still alive..
Raspberry plants sprouting like mad! Planted out the giant sunflowers under bottles to keep warm for the time being. Herbs in the front doing well. The bulbs we planted were eaten or dried out or something...
We planted out millions of rocket and oriental salads and some Pak Choi (?) in the "Oriental Salad Bed"
Tomatoes planted out under cloches - this is where the greenhouses/polytunnels will be.
Peas tied to stakes
Well watered garlics and onions. Garlics a bit yellow. Hope that's not bad.

The construction..

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  1. So impressive! SO much is growing and I think you are going to have a huge bounty very soon! Great job girls!